The Inspiring Story Of A Cartoonist Entrepreneur


While you might have heard about a lot of people who give up their thoughts of entrepreneurial journey and stick to their routine jobs for a lifetime, there are some inspirational stories of entrepreneurs who do not hesitate in taking the leap of faith and finding what their hearts seek for. The story of Ramya Sriram is one such inspirational story that can just raise your hopes of starting your own business.

Ramya didn’t choose entrepreneurship as her initial career. Like most children in India, she had already decided what she wanted to do early during the school days. The problem, however, was that her choice of career kept changing fast. From coaching for medical school to pursuing engineering, she tried to fit herself into various career options.

Following the Indian culture of MBA after engineering, she joined a reputed Business school. Soon, she realized that this was not the right choice of career. This was followed by rejection of an IT job. Later she started working for a publishing house. While at this job, she took the time to follow her passion for sketching and writing. Soon she realized her calling and decided to set up her own company that would allow her to write and draw full time.

How Did It Start?

While working in publishing, she started drawing stick figure cartoons and caricatures for her friends and uploaded these on Facebook for fun. Eventually, she got a lot of followers and a friend of her one asked her if she could start doing a cartoon series for a magazine he worked upon.This was her first break and it really made her think what she could do if she gave more time to do what she loved. This thought led to the creation of “The Tap”, her blog where she put up all her work of art and creativity.

Ramya’s art evolved over the years and gained a lot more popularity. She has worked on various projects that involve content creation. According to her, the best thing about being an entrepreneur is that you are not fitted into a routine. Though you could miss the thrills of a full-time job, you enjoy being an entrepreneur when you love what you do.

Her Advice To Young Entrepreneurs

According to her, to be an entrepreneur you need to find what truly excites you. Do something that makes you wake up every day feeling excited and energetic. Take small steps towards your goal. Even a couple of hours a week can make a big difference.


Check out one of her stories here:

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